Hotel staff share grim behind the scenes reality that guests are never told

There’s arguably nothing better than a good old night away at a hotel, ordering room service, making the most of the free toiletries and helping yourself to the mini bar – if you’re feeling fancy.

But, in the same breath, there’s nothing that can ruin the feeling of escapism that a hotel stay can bring, by spotting something hasn’t properly been cleaned, serving as a stark reminder that hundreds – if not thousands – have shared the room prior to your arrival.

Hotels are, of course, a multi-million pound business, however it turns out there’s an awful lot that goes on behind closed doors in the world of hotels that most of unassuming guests are none-the-wiser to.

Luckily for us, hotel staff are spilling the industry secrets on Reddit, but quite frankly, some of them we’d rather not know.

It all started when someone questioned: “People who work at 5 Star Hotels: what type of s*** goes on that management doesn’t want people to know?”

“Never trust glass in rooms,” one Reddit user commented. “Cleaning staff are so stretched thin on time that they will clean the glasses with the same rags they clean the bathroom, after all their goal is to make the room look clean.” Gross.

They continued: “I worked as a cleaner in a five diamond for years and there was over a year period that went by where we didn’t get a clean glass delivery.

“We didn’t have dishwashers in the room, so management was complicit. This was in a five diamond, one of the top resorts in the world.”

Meanwhile, another Reddit user warned that no matter how delicious it may look, hotel guests ought to stay away from the chocolate fountains in the reception hall.

“Picture this: it’s an expensive Sunday brunch. Well little Timmy just fisted strawberries directly into that chocolate, bit into both strawberries then triple dipped into the chocolate again. Some old rich lady just sneezed on it, and somebody else just dropped their snack into it,” they wrote.

“The best part: that chocolate gets strained and saved for the next weeks brunch. Chocolate is way too expensive to throw away. Chocolate also does this thing where it’ll seize if it has the wrong moisture content, from people dipping fruit, and the juices going into the chocolate.

“So it’ll get so thick it won’t run through the machine. Wanna know how they fix that? They add canola oil until it’s smooth again.”

That is horrifying.

Another Reddit user said that every hotel gets bedbugs from time to time, meaning there’s a chance you could have slept among them. Fortunately, though, another user had a tip to investigate whether your room is home to an infestation or not.

“Tip about bedbugs: when you arrive NEVER put your luggage on the bed,” they explained.

“When you arrive, keep lights off, put luggage in bathroom, and then at the head of the mattress peel back the sheets and mattress pad. Bedbugs tend to congregate there, but scatter when there is light. If you find bedbugs, you can request another room.”