Man in brutal ‘revenge attack’ after pub punter ‘stole money from daughter’s purse’

A man has been filmed bursting into a village pub garden and brutally beating up an unsuspecting punter in a ‘revenge attack’ for allegedly stealing money from his daughter’s purse.

Shocking footage captures the moment the man punches the unsuspecting man in the head as he sits drinking a pint outside The Village Inn in Beoley, Worcestershire.

The furious man proceeds to savagely pummel him to the ground and dramatically throw him around the pub garden while screaming: “Are you fing mad taking money out of my daughter’s fing purse!”

The footage was shared online on Thursday and is believed to have been filmed recently.

In the clip, the man casually strolls into the sunny pub garden as an unsuspecting punter sits drinking a pint with a group of mates.

The attacker walks towards the table and savagely sucker punches the man in the head.

The enraged man shouts “you come to my house you p****” and then grabs him by the collar, ripping his t-shirt.

He then proceeds to pummel him to the ground.

The man violently throws him around the pub garden and repeatedly punches him in his head and body.

He hurls him into a nearby flower bed and pushes his head into the soil as he shouts “are you fing mad? Are you fing mad? Taking money out of my daughter’s f***ing purse.”

The man cowers in pain as the ‘betrayed’ man lands a few final blows to his head and calls him “a tramp” as the clip cuts to an end.

Social media users were shocked by the violence in the clip, however many believed that the man deserved his punishment for allegedly stealing money from his friend’s daughter’s purse.

One online user wrote: “If I had a child, I would of done the same tbh [sic].”

Another viewer also commended the assailant “Well done mate, who would dare rob a friends kids! No shame! He got what’s coming for sure [sic].”

Other individuals commented on how the video was seemingly filmed by a lad in the group who was aware of the impending revenge attack.

A social media user wrote: “You know the guy who recorded it defo set my guy up. Good man!”

Another individual also commented: “Looks like the guy filming knew what was coming when the big man pulled up! That’s why the f***er who robbed a kid got no backing from his pals. What a set up from his mates.”